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Close location of dairy factory to the farm, as well as advanced European equipment and new production lines help to preserve the natural taste and nutritiousness of our dairy products

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  • 21.07.2017

    Cheese and wine lovers will meet again on 21-23 of October in Lviv Palace of Arts on the biggest fall gastronomic festival in Ukraine - Cheese and Wine Festival

  • 07.08.2017

    Cheese and wine are perfectly combined with each other, and they know about it for a long time, having tasted the wine with cheese, to feel the enhanced tastes of both of them.

  • 25.09.2018

    Long time ago cheese was not only used as food but also for ancient  rituals. It was put next to an egg, ivy, lamb liver, fig leaf and used for divination.

Farm Tours

The cheese ripening process occurs in specially equiped rooms through the series of maturation stages where temperature and relative humidity are carefully controlled. Ripening process lasts for several months. Tourists will get to see both processes of cheese manufacturing and ripening. Also, you will get a chance to visit our farms and learn interesting facts about farm animals. At the cheese tasting you will taste our finest cheese and will be able to buy some delicacies


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