For you we made cottage cheese tasty and preserved its natural value!


Dairy Farm of Precarpathian "Mukko" was founded May 16, 2015. In May 2017, a modern dairy factory, built with the observance of all standards in accordance with the European Food Quality Control System (HACCP), started its work.

Countryside location

Our eco farm is located in the ecologically clean region Prycarpattya, next to the Carpethian mountains, and resorts Morshyn and Truskavets. Around the farm you will see only pastures and no large enterprises. Therefore, we garantee that our goats and cows are only fed by organicly clean food and have a balanced diet.

Our Own Milk Production

On our farm we grow Alpine goat breed and Holstein cows. Our milk has special properties and a pleasent taste. So, the cheese is delicious.

Modern Cheese Factory

We make our cheese using direct help and recipes of Dutch cheese-maker with 20 years of experience - Hug Van de Graaff. Because of contactless milking and professional technology of cheese maturing the entire nutritional value of milk is transferred into the cheese and makes it nutritious and delicious.